The Year is 2016

Sally's Acura TSX
Sally and Abby playing with Russian Nesting Dolls
Sally and Abby making cookies
Brad retires
Summit of Spencer Butte
Sunset in Prescott
Brad, Sally, Bill and Jerry
Bill and Sally
Bill's Military pictures
Obsidians group shot
Barred Owl along the trail
Sally rescued this park bench from Bring recycling and together we restored with new hardwood and stainless steel bolts. It now sites outside our bedroom where we enjoy our morning coffee.
I snowshoed/backpacked 3 miles to Warner Ridge fire watch tower with Scott and Keiko.
Freshly barked
Saturday May 14, 2016
What do true Oregonians do when it rains? We go outside and play.
This morning in the rain I hiked the 5 mile Brice Creek loop trail with 7 of my crazy Obsidian friends.
Vivian Lake Hike
Timberline Lounge
Bill's Funeral & Memorial 
Obsidian Loop Trail
Crater Lake
Cabin Cushman Lake
Ruby Mountain
Smith Rock
Lost Coast Backpacking
Salmon Lake
Yoran Lake Loop
Veterans Day Hike
Larson Creek Hike
Diamond View Lake
Delta Ponds
Obsidian Loop Trail
Scorpions Fall Creek
Four-in-one cone
Whitefish Trail Scorpions
Jefferson Park